Luna Circle Wellness
Community Acupuncture

First Treatment $40 - Returning Patients $25

Community Acupuncture takes place in a group setting; our clinic has 6 chairs for patients to relax while the needles do their work. Our licensed doctors of oriential medcine use points on the arms, legs, hands, feet, and head so that patients remain fully clothed during treatment.

Your appointment time is a 10min slot where the doctor will consult with you briefly and insert the thin filiform needles. You will then be able to relax in our clinic for about 30 to 45min while the needles remain in place. The whole treatment process takes about 1 hour. First time patients may take slightly longer, due to time spent filling out paperwork and consulting with the doctor for the first time.

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a central part of Asian medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years in many different countries. Asian medicine is a complete system of primary care that has been continually improved for thousands of years. It remains one of the key components for the diagnosis and treatment of disease in many countries and is recognized by the World Health Organization.